Freedom Leg Guarantee

The Freedom Leg Guarantee

Order the Freedom Leg and we guarantee that you'll be able to walk stairs, carry your own coffee, and not have to use crutches ever again! Our support team will help you fit the freedom leg, or we'll refund 100% of your money back.

- Inventor of The Freedom Leg
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Freedom Leg 3.0
Natasha Ulibarri
Game changer

Able to tour Boston, continue teaching and walk my dog. Such an amazing brace and no one can stop staribg at it! 😂

Provides much needed Independence

The freedom leg has been great for my post ankle surgery recovery. It has allowed to stand on my own without worrying about balance issues, climbing stairs, and maintain some muscle within my leg as I recover.

The only issues I've had are related to accomodating my walking boot (it fits but is a struggle) and using the toilet.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Perry Novak
Thank God

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the freedom leg. Now I can go back to work and be self sufficient, the name fits perfectly The Freedom Leg.

I have a fractured femur

Would I beable to use this? I’m non weight bearing for about another 8 weeks. Currently stuck in a wheel chair.


It gave me my confidence back after being able to take my walking ability away while my foot healed from surgery. It works great!!!

Well made and very useful

After a fall, leaving me with two broken bones in my foot, a detached tendon and another tendon torn, I had to have surgery to repair all the damage with specific instructions to not put any weight on the leg. I tried the iWalk3 first, but it was not stable, difficult to put on and I hated going downstairs backwards. I then ordered the Freedom Leg Brace. I was immediately impressed with the quality of construction. It took me a little time to adjust the fit, and to learn how to use it, but now it as fabulous! I can easily go up and down stairs, and I appreciate being hands-free. I feel much safer using the Freedom Leg than any other product that I have tried. I still have another 4 weeks of recovery, but I know that it will be easier with the Freedom Leg! Thank you for making such a great product!

So far my Freedom Leg works well.

I bought the freedom leg about a week before I had surgery so that I had a chance to fit it and work with it to get used to it. I’ve had a few struggles at first, but I’ve been able to iron out most of them. Now that I’ve had surgery the freedom leg is working quite well especially when I need to go up and down the stairs I do use a cane with it more out of precaution than anything. But I am confident that the freedom leg will work really well for me during my recovery. I am most impressed with the design and construction of the freedom leg. The materials used part of a high-quality. This is truly an quality item in which you get what you paid for.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Lori Nauer
Great product

Freedom Leg got me out of a wheelchair and up walking. I only had the freedom leg for a week as I was able to start putting weight on my injured ankle sooner than expected. It gave me freedom that I didn’t have, I was able to help in the kitchen, I was able to do some work in the garden, prior to the freedom leg I was either in bed with my leg elevated or sitting in a chair. Being that I no longer needed the freedom leg I was able to return it and received a refund. Amazing product and great customer service!

Freedom Leg 3.0
ellen kosloff
Returned it only because knee surgery canceled

When the possibilty of knee surgery was scheduled, crutches would have been a nightmare with existing hand/shoulder issues. Was thrilled to find a much better solution with the freedom leg. As complete rest seemed to resolve the knee issue, I easily returned the brace. If ever needed, will be contacting the company. They were so accomodating and easy to work with….

Freedom Leg 3.0
Paul Covey
Hands-Free Mobility

I had ankle surgery on Tuesday, received my Freedom Leg 3.0 on Wednesday, and was walking my daughter down the aisle at her wedding on Saturday. Learning to use the Freedom Leg was very easy and it has been so great to be off crutches with both hands free. I highly recommend.

Complete mobility without crutches, including stairs, and no weight on my injured leg.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Pamela Singletary-Townsend

Unfortunately the doctor did not approve for me to use the Freedom leg so I had to return it. However, I found the customer service from the company very helpful. Pamela

Love my freedom leg

I love my freedom leg it took me a while to get used to it but I use it every day I have CRIPS and I can’t walk on my foot so I’m so glad I found this it really helps me and makes my life easier

Freedom Leg 3.0
Tammy Draeger

It took me a while to get use to it and how to walk with it and every time you go to the bathroom you have to take it off it is all so very hard to walk with in the rain I have to take my time when I’m walking but I am getting there

Freedom Leg 3.0
Ron Yepez
Ankle replacement coming up

Fit the brace.. ready to put it to use

Fantastic Leg Brace

I had ankle surgery just over a week ago and have been using the Freedom leg since then...All I can say its worth every penny, its safe easy to use and gives you a degree of mobility no other device on the market can...I could wax lyrical about all of its benefits over any other device but just trust me get this and you will see what I mean .One word of caution make sure all floors you walk on are dry as the rubber "Foot" part will skid on wet surfaces other than that its superb and made my rehab a lot easier. THANKYOU

Very well thought out

Needed a substitute leg while waiting to heal up. This works well!! There is a little learning curve. But it isn't hard to figure out. Nice to have a "spare" for the times I await for a new Prosthetic Socket. Had a bone spur taken off my right below the knee Amputation stump. This allowed me mobility without pain, and helped strengthen my muscles. I highly recommend!! 👍✌️😎

Great to be walking again!

I had ankle surgery with non-weight bearing prescribed for 6 weeks. The Freedom Leg allows me to continue to navigate my 2 story home as usual (a bit more slowly and carefully) and take care of my 3 cats and my chores as normal. I didn't know beforehand how easy it would be to go up and down stairs, a huge improvement upon under arm crutches. I am a physically fit and active person, so it really helped my mental health to be able to simply walk around and do my daily routine. It really engages your leg and glute muscles (except below the knee of course) to maintain circulation and healthy flexibility and strength while rehabbing the ankle. It's really a great solution for active people. I was able to start using it about 10 days after surgery once the swelling went down.

Great customer service

I ordered FreedomLeg on the weekend then checked with orthopedist. Unfortunately, my orthopedist did not approve so cancelled/returned brace. Customer service was very helpful and processed refund quickly. Thank you!

Freedom Leg 3.0
Susan Paterson
Freedom leg isn't for everyone

I overestimated my balance abilities, and as a result, could not use the Freedom Leg to its' fullest capacity. That being said, it is a sturdy device, and relatively easy to put together and fit. I was very impressed with the customer service contact, and returning the brace was easy and efficient, with a refund being processed in record time, after deductions for restocking and shipping. If you fit their criteria for using the Freedom Leg, this is the best way in my estimation, to be able to be mobile and hands free.

Freedom Leg 3.0
richard de france
What a wonderful leg brace

Hello I discovered the freedom crutch on the internet I am from France and order it helps me to walk after 5 years of moving around with 2 canes the freedom leg 3.0 brace service reimbursed me part of the French customs fees again thank you to the freedom leg team to Soon

Such a great alternative!

I alternated between a knee scooter and the Freedom Leg for a six week, non-weight bearing recovery. If having a procedure, it would be wise to practice before it’s needed. The gait mechanics take a bit of getting used to. The Freedom Leg allowed much more natural posture when standing and moving around in the kitchen, allowed for more independence, going up and down steps for laundry and going in and out of the house. Simple sizing, application, and removal. Prior to ordering, my insurance assured me it was covered by my plan. I ordered the brace myself and now having great difficulty getting the claim reimbursed. The price of independence might still be worth it. Thank you, Freedom Leg!

Freedom Leg 3.0
Johnnetta Jorgensen
Didn’t work for me

I couldn’t use it but it was made well

Freedom Leg 3.0
Michael Kirby
A big help on stairs

I just had my bunion removed from my left foot. I have to climb and descend two floors of stairs to get from where I sleep to the living room. The first time I used crutches. Now I use my Freedom Leg 3. What a difference! The Freedom Leg is so much easier and feels a whole lot safer. I still have to keep my leg elevated most of the time, so I can’t address distance walking.

Freedom Leg 3.0
William Gillette
Bill’s Freedom Leg Trial

I am 73 years old and recently widowed and I’m supposed to have foot surgery April 6th. My balance is poor and learning to walk with the brace is taking some time. It would help to have someone fit the brace properly and help train.

The Freedom Leg is Safe, and Medically Proven

Independent research has proven that the Freedom Leg is safe, and effective. It is preferred by many doctors, and most patients.
The Freedom Leg is the clear choice to help you regain your freedom.