Freedom Leg Guarantee

The Freedom Leg Guarantee

Order the Freedom Leg and we guarantee that you'll be able to walk stairs, carry your own coffee, and not have to use crutches ever again! Our support team will help you fit the freedom leg, or we'll refund 100% of your money back.

- Inventor of The Freedom Leg
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Happy that I made the choice to buy a freedom leg

I’m over 50 yrs old and live along, when I had an accident and ended up with an impactual fracture of my tibia. Doctor said I had to use crutches and no weight bearing on my leg.
I searched the internet and found the freedom leg. It was a little more than I wanted to spend on a substitute for my crutches, but I purchased it and hoped for the best. It took me a couple days to figure out how to use it properly, but now it allows me to clean my house, walk my dog and everything the crutches stopped me from. I’m very thankful I bought it, if only to give me relief to my arm pits and my good leg. If you’ve used crutches for awhile, then you know what I mean. The only complaint I could even think of is that it’s not something you can wear all day because of the weight it adds to your leg. It will fatigue your leg some, after using it too long. Hip alignment is extremely important and I’m getting better with it every day. If you’re contemplating buying one, then I’d definitely tell you that it’s worth it.

Gives more freedom

It’s named appropriately, because I live on the 2nd floor with no elevator. I was so depressed after the surgery because it was impossible coming up the stairs. I can go up and down now, with one crutch. I’m not able to walk with the leg without crutches or a walker but it’s been a blessing and has made some seemingly impossible tasks possible.
It works fine on either leg but I think it was initially designed for the right leg because it doesn’t have enough cushioning on the inside of the thigh for the left leg as it does for the right leg. Overall I’m still grateful to have found this!

Game Changer

Freedom leg is exactly that a great solution for being able to move freely and be independent for most activities. Personally living in an RV through my ankle surgery was extremely taxing and dangerous having to go up and down stairs multiple times a day.

Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!

Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!


I have had a freedom leg for about 3 years now due to Charcot in my ankle. It requires frequent non weight bearing which would normally mean sitting on a chair, wheel chair or crutches. Freedom leg allows me to stay fairly active and I have used mine to the point of wearing parts down that usually don't get worn down. Just an email or call to Forward Mobility gets a fast response and the I am able to order what I need and I receive them very fast. This company and product are second to none. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about buying one. I was in the hospital awhile ago and the physical therapy dept. took pictures of it and were amazed. I can't believe something that helps this much is not more widely known about or used in the medical field. I tell everyone about it and how great it is.


good info

Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!
Daniel Silverman
So happy I found freedom Leg!

I had bunion surgery 2 weeks ago and the Freedom Leg got me up and mobile the next day. And I have to mention that I emailed the company the day I ordered asking if they could expedite shipping. I got it the next day and they called to tell me that the shipping was less and refunded me $. Great product and great people. I can’t recommend it enough.

Getting used to it...

Being that I'm unable to use crutches I was searching for an alternative that didn't involve a wheelchair. Freedom Leg fits the bill! It does take some getting used to and it is a bit cumbersome . I find it's necessary to remove it before driving (my left leg is injured, would not recommend driving if your right leg is injured) and removing it when getting back into the car. This takes a little work if you're alone, but all in all, side from the price being a bit steep since insurance doesn't pay, it's been a big help.

I can walk without crutches

I absolutely love the FreedomLeg but could use extra some padding in one place and a way to attach padding in others I've used tape(my ankle hits the outside of brace). I am not in a cast. Have leg brace to prevent me from putting any weight on knee(broke Tibial plateau). Now that I can bend to 60° and had my physical therapist help fit me. I am so happy to be able to do anything even dump the trash🤪. Thanks again

Huge help

I was struggling with the cutches and keeping all my weight off my leg and now it is so much easier. Easy to put on and wear for hours. Gained my freedom back.

Get your life back!

Having gone from 100mph a day to 0 with a ruptured Achilles I needed someway to get a little bit of my life back. Having been bound to crutches for 14 weeks before with a knee injury I looked for alternatives and was recommended this by my doctor. The freedom leg is awesome! I’m able to move about with ease, even giving my 3 year old son piggybacks up the stairs! It’s a total game changer for anyone with a leg injury and I would highly recommend it.

Excellent product!

I am normally VERY active and very independent person. Being non weight bearing due to injury, i was really worried about my physical and mental health over the next couple months. That is until i found this brace. This brace has been a life saver. I can move about my home and live a mostly normal life without being limited by crutches. I have zero regrets purchasing this product, and it was worth every penny

A Huge Help

While recalling the challenging months on crutches earlier in life, a recent knee/meniscus injury led me to discover the Freedom Leg, and it was worth every penny. My house was a mess, and two days into wearing my Freedom Leg, I was able to cook, clean, and move around the house and yard very easily. In my time on crutches, I needed to wear a backpack everywhere I went with my hands occupied on the crutches. It took some minor adjustment for the first couple of days, and has been easy since getting it right.

The Freedom Leg provides stabilization and protection for my torn meniscus while I await surgery, and I experience much less pain than I did on crutches. This helps me sleep better when I take the brace off in the night.

I am also not a fan of sitting all day long and like to exercise daily. I can stand at my desk for part of the day with Freedom Leg, and even do upper body workouts in a standing position.

I get way more opportunities to decline people's kind offering for assistance with the Freedom Leg, and can say with confidence "Thanks, but I got this"

-Richard Antczak, Dallas Texas

Great customer service

I have a tibial plateau fracture, a fibula head fracture and a torn meniscus in my right leg and have to be non weight bearing for 6 weeks. I have had great difficulty using crutches. I talked to Roger from Freedom Leg and he was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. Absolutely excellent customer service. Unfortunately for me, the day after I received the Freedom Leg 3.0 and before I could use it, my doctor told me I need to wear a full leg t-scope brace for the next couple of months and therefore would not be able to use the Freedom Leg 3.0. Freedom Leg 3.0 would have otherwise been perfect for me to be able to walk without crutches with my type of injuries.

Game Changer to those using crutches.

At the age of 45 I had the unfortunate luck to have fractured my tibia and ruptured a bicep Skiing. Needless to say, getting around on crutches with one arm disabled is no easy task.  Due to my injury to the tibia I could not use a knee scooter or knee crutch so I decided on the Freedom Leg 3.0 (FL3.0).  There was a small learning curve, but within an hour I was able to hobble around my house crutch free and hands free (which is a wonderful feeling after being on crutches for the last 3 weeks).  I have another 4+ weeks of non weight-bearing so the FL3.0 has been a godsend.  One tip; since I had work done on my tibia, the lower pads tend to cause pain to my shin at the pressure points, I bought a set of shin-guards which greatly help with the pain.   

These are the shin-guards I used since they had Velcro for ease of use

Life line

Freedom brace has given me my freedom I have ms and chronic pain in my left leg so need two crutches which I can’t get far on 3 kids and a dog before getting the freedom leg brace I was very limited in what I could do or where I could go and was stuck in the house a lot now I can be a mum I can take them to school , push a pram and go back to
Work it really has been a lifeline ( just wish there could be shop in the uk 🇬🇧)

Exactly as advertised,

I found the brace easy to adjust and use. It can be a little uncomfortable after wearing it for a full day but much better then crutches.

The Freedom Brace keeps me balanced.

The PT Dept. at the hospital put my brace together and worked with me as I learned how to use it. It took me about two sessions to trust sitting on the back of the brace. My hips were lined up correctly when I wore a street boot on my
other foot. When I got home and wore a bed slipper, my hips were no longer balanced. I have ordered a Shoe Balancer that should help to get my hips better aligned. After I wore the brace for 2-3 hours, I needed to take it off and let my leg rest. When I start Outpatient Physical Therapy, they will work with me using the brace. Hopefully, I will be able to wear it for longer periods of time. When a screw and buckle came off of the brace and was not found, I contacted and was promptly sent the replacement parts. I would recommend this brace to anyone who is physically active and to those who cannot afford a lengthy convalescence.

This Brace is Amazing

I am the type of person that is always on the go. I have a hard time sitting. When I broke my knee 3 weeks ago, I was crushed. What am I going to do now? I just can't sit in bed or on a chair all day everyday for months. Right away I started looking for some kind of walking brace when I came across this one. I have been using this for 1 week now. This has changed my life. I was a little skeptical at first because $400 is a lot of money to spend not know if it will work. I can honestly say that it was well worth the money. A+A+A+A+A+


We received item but it didnt work for my husband. It has been returned and you will get Thursday. The product seemed OK but couldn't use for my husbands needs.

Great customer service from Roger

Needed customer service to help with measurement questions from the website. I called, left message for someone to call me back. Roger called within 15 minutes, and I found him to be very polite and he knowledgably answered all my questions. Thanks Roger.

The Freedom Leg Brace ten Stars.

Found searching online. From the You tube and additional online information was able to arive at a good decion to order. Customer Service as compensation as to working directly with owner/designer. Ten Stars working with the Orlando, VA and social services was able to help a veteran. The Freedom Leg brace inable a healing of a fractured ankle at the same time eliminating full depends on crutches.

Love Love Love

I tried another brand first that was unstable and hard on the knee. The freedom leg is wonderful so glad I found it. Regained my mobility while my foot heals.

Freedom Leg says it all!

This is a fantastic device! The only caution I have is to make certain that you measure precisely before ordering so you get the correct size. I ordered tall but should have stayed with standard length.
This device gives me freedom that nothing else compares to. I get around my house, up and down stairs, and outdoors with very little issue.
Love this product! I wish insurance would pay for it!
I have crutches, a knee scooter,,and a wheelchair, but the Freedom Leg is the best by far!!

Period of adjustment

My Freedom Leg and I got off to a rocky start when I tipped and fell in the kitchen. No harm done- I landed on the garbage can. By making small adjustments, one at a time, it's now possible to get in and out of the chair, and get from point A to point B with the aid of a cane and not feel like I'm going to tip over. That's good.

The Freedom Leg is Safe, and Medically Proven

Independent research has proven that the Freedom Leg is safe, and effective. It is preferred by many doctors, and most patients.
The Freedom Leg is the clear choice to help you regain your freedom.