Freedom Leg Guarantee

The Freedom Leg Guarantee

Order the Freedom Leg and we guarantee that you'll be able to walk stairs, carry your own coffee, and not have to use crutches ever again! Our support team will help you fit the freedom leg, or we'll refund 100% of your money back.

- Inventor of The Freedom Leg
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Freedom Leg 3.0
Lisa Cuffe
Saved My Sanity, Improved my Quality of Life and Got a New Job

I was in a freak sledding accident on January 13th, 2024, and broke both of my tibias and ankles. My emergency surgery on the 14th involved my left ankle receiving two metal plates and a bar through my tibia - I was lucky to have a clean break. My right ankle was so badly damaged that I received an external fixator.

1 week in the hospital for pain management and OT/PT.
I was NWB on both legs for 6 weeks.

Then I had a second surgery in February to be placed into a Halo external fixator, as my doc was hoping that my bones would heal better. I was in that for 6 weeks.
Then the Halo was removed and I was placed in a cast, in March.
My back and bottom were exhausted from being bedridden for so long, so I researched and found the iWalk3.0 (a peg leg that requires your leg to bend back at the knee, and I was excited to use it, but it was uncomfortable on my right tibia.
So I researched more online and found the Freedom Leg (FL); my insurance covers it!

I've been using the FL for weeks now, and it is my BEST option! My doctor told me that my left leg wouldn't fully heal until I'm able to start PT on my right ankle/leg. When I realized that I'd be able to use my thigh and mimic walking, my Physical Therapist and I agreed it was great. My PT's office had never heard of the FL and everyone loves watching me use it!

My PT says it is the coolest walking aid she has ever seen and I should get paid to sell it, lol!

It has changed my life; I no longer have to butt-scoot up my stairs because I can walk with my FL. I figured out how to use the toilet without completely taking it off and then I can stand and wash my hands without having to lean on my elbow and balance. It also allowed me to get back to work.

I made a video reviewing the FL:

Freedom Leg 3.0
Hikem Dalton
Life changing

I was skeptical at first, like most people, but I am a true believer in Freedom Leg. I was using crutches and a knee sccoter to get around after my Achilles tendon and ankle bone spur surgery, and really had a hard time moving around house and yard. Not anymore, going up and down the steps easier. Transitioning from standing to sitting, going to bathroom, getting some water, all so much easier. Thank you for this little piece of heaven that has brought me so much joy.

A sanity-saver

I had a lapiplasty (foot surgery) about a week and a half ago. The freedom leg has allowed me to get outside and even walk my dog! Taking walks has always been my go-to stress reliever, so I'm really grateful to have that ability while I'm recovering.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Vivian Dees

The Freedom Leg has been a welcome relief! I injured my leg almost 5 months ago and was misdiagnosed for the first 3 months. The 6th doctor I was referred to recommended Freedom Leg to help give some relief and still be able to work. It has helped tremendously. I am able to walk with less pain than I have had in several months. I work in an old building with uneven and cracked concrete so I use a cane to help keep my balance in those areas. Otherwise I am completely hands free and mobile again.
I would recommend that the company look into a breathable material for the thigh area.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Wendy Hvolboll
Thank goodness

I’m only 3 weeks post op so difficult to give full Review, however, it is great-but I can only last a short time and my leg begins to swell-but that could be because I’m so near the surgery. It was a short learning curve and now easy to get around.
Hopefully as my healing progresses I’ll be able to last longer

Freedom Leg 3.0
Brian Curtis
Freedom Leg Brarce

I had an achilles tendon rupture repaired and have to stay off my foot for at least two weeks until they take the splint off. I'm 6'6" and 265 pds, which is pretty big/heavy for crutches since I'm not as strong as I used to be. I use the FLB together with crutches and it's been outstanding. It allows me to balance and shift my weight without feeling like I'm overlaoding the crutches. I dont know how I would have done this without the FLB.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Vicki Ellis
Takes time to adjust properly and get used to but wonderful!

I love this product. I can do everything I need to do to stay independent after foot surgery and still keep weight off the foot. It took me 2-3 days to learn how to adjust it right (with much experimentation) and to learn to walk in it, but now I'm a pro and so very grateful. Thank you.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Khalid Almadi
Using FL

Delivery across half way around the world was really fast , impressive, however the challenge is in how to use it ; it would be great if you spend 15 to 30 minutes with each customer on teleconference to teach the patient how to use it

Replacement Freedom Leg base
Matthew David Keating
All good


Freedom Leg 3.0
Kallisti Callesen
Best Investment! Worth every penny!

I’ve been using the freedom leg for a few weeks now, and it has changed everything. I have sores from using crutches 🩼 that are Still Healing. Meanwhile this device hasn’t caused a single issue! I have better balance and my good leg isn’t fatigued because my bad leg can take the weight! Not only has my quality of life improved, but I can easily carry things as well. From a cup of coffee, to moving boxes (which is when I broke it) it’s the Best investment I could have made. SO worth it!

Tibial plateau fracture

I’m a surgeon and was told I need to be on crutches for 3 months and wouldn’t be able to operate. Thanks to freedom let I can operate after 2 weeks

Freedom Leg for non weight bearing

I highly recommend the Freedom Leg to replace crutches if you can. I was introduced to it for a previous surgery when a friend lent me his. I had another surgery and this time purchased my own. I was given an I-Walk and tried it for a few days which convinced me to buy the Freedom Leg. The orthopedic staff was quite impressed with it and other patients are always asking me if I wouldn’t mind answering their questions which I am always glad do.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Tom Harty
Beats all the alternatives!

So as a serial ortho patient with 4 total joint replacements and have had a very complicated right ankle break (tri-maleolar unstable) and an ankle replacement as a result, I was looking for an alternative. I tried a scooter…total PITA for an active person. I tried iwalk… way better than a scooter for an active person but a bit clumsy in lots of ways. Enter Freedom Leg … I just had left ankle 2X arthrodesis and I put the FL on 2 hours post-surgery. What a feeling of freedom! I was able to stand at stove today and cook breakfast and get around the house with ease…even the stairs! My advice is to get it before your surgery (if it is planned) fit it, practice a bit so you are prepared. It is icy and snowy here in Vermont so I use hiking poles as added balance and safety when outside.
Fantastic product! Freedom Leg perfectly describes it!

Freedom Leg 3.0
Lisa Smith
Gives you back your independence and freedom

I had surgery on my foot 3 weeks ago and need to be completely non-weight bearing for months. I was using a knee scooter in the house and tried crutches outside. The crutches exhausted me and limited what I could do. I couldn’t walk my dogs, clean up the yard or go up and down my steps. Freedom Leg allows me to do all these and many more. I am so happy I bought it. I was hesitant because I read some older reviews about quality issues, but the 3.0 version is very well made. Make sure to use the screws vs the pop in restraint at the bottom piece. Maybe it was just mine, but the pop in part came out on its own and would have dropped me if I hadn’t noticed and switched it out with the screws they sent. I use a cane with mine just to make sure, but it is really quite sturdy.
I will say I don’t think it is for everyone, I’m pretty muscular and have good balance. I have no issue, but I could see where an older person with balance issues might not feel safe on it. So long as I pay attention, I can pretty much do anything I want, but a lot slower and more deliberately. I also won’t go up or down stairs or curbs without a handrail.
Make sure to get a prescription before you buy so you can have insurance pay some of the cost.
I’m really happy I bought it, although it is a chunk of money. My dogs are too.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Matthew David Keating

I'm moving and Groovin ,inside outside. All good here.

Saved me from depression

Thank you so much I was getting very depressed because of my broken ankle . I could not do anything for my self . But now that I have freedom leg I can do everything that I need to do . I'm so great full for the freedom leg . It saved me .

Freedom Leg 3.0
Roberta Jones
Love the technology

This was a game changer for my husband after having major foot surgery. He has to be off the foot for at least six weeks and for a rather ADHD individual. It has made this situation tolerable. He mastered it quickly and after a short period of adjusments to get the best fit, he was on his feet, so to speak, again.

The only negative has been that one day, Christmas day, he wore it too long and it rubbed kind of a blood blister on the inner thigh, but that was ALL day wear before he got the adjustments right.

Thank you for everything you do.

Nothing else on the market like it.

Restores functionality that crutches rob you of…!

When I found myself on crutches, and living alone, I was finding it very challenging to function. I was put off by the price as but I figured what else am I going to do? At what price function?
I think freedom is pushing it a bit. lol. I lived up a flight of stairs so a scooter wasn’t going to work.

To get used to it l actually used it along with crutches at first. I think that is actually a big selling point that they don't capitalize on. It makes it much easier to use crutches if you find that difficult. It gives you greater balance and allows you to offload some of the weight off of your arms if your upper body strength makes using crutches difficult. When I have to go a long distance, I still use the crutches to decrease the fatigue to my arms and to my legs. If I have to go down stairs, I really still like to use at least one crutch and hold to the handrail with the other hand. If I don't have a handrail, I definitely still prefer to have at least one crutch, even two, for balance. Of course around the house, being freed from crutches, I can do tasks in the kitchen and otherwise - laundry, minor cleaning, etc. I even went to the car wash and detailed my car while using it. I don't think I would've been able to make it independently if I hadn't had this device.

I also purchased the iwalk 3.0, but I prefer the freedom leg. I feel more steady on the freedom leg. The lateral balance is better maintained with the wide squared edge of the bar at the bottom rather than the rounded foot of the iwalk. I have almost lost my balance laterally when I used the lwalk a couple of times and that was scary.

Although it took me some adjusting of the upper posterior thigh strap on the freedom leg, I finally got it to where the weight seemed more evenly distributed through my thigh, and that helped a great deal. Initially there was more pressure on the lower part just above/behind my knee and that was very painful but I was able to fix that.

On the Iwalk all of the weight being on the flexed knee was uncomfortable for me even with extra padding under my knee added due to the short leg cast I have. I found the freedom leg better for sitting at a table as well. I can tuck my leg underneath the table, but have a little more trouble finessing it with the iwalk. In addition, when I am out and about, I can go to the restroom with the freedom leg on, but have difficulty doing so without removing the

Some other reviewers on various sites have talked about pinching, and I had that trouble as well with the freedom leg - as well as some chafing after wearing for a while, but it was reduced greatly by purchasing a brace undersleeve to go under my clothing. It kept my skin from getting pinched by the straps on the freedom leg that occurred initially before I had the sleeve on my thigh. All in all, this device is great and allows you to accomplish things you would not be able to otherwise. After extended use, I get some back and hip pain but hey, nothing is going to be as great as having the use of your own leg. When you don't though - this thing is a lifesaver!

Freedom Leg 3.0
Julie McHugh
Great Customer Service!

A quality, easy-to-use product with caring and knowledgeable customer service! I work in College Athletics and I will recommend this to all my players in the event of non-weight-bearing! A+!

Freedom Leg 3.0
Travis Johnson
Made working possible

I broke my left tibia and fibula and had to be back at work just 10 days later. It would have been impossible without this brace. There was a learning curve, and at first I still used one crutch, but now I’m “walking” at work with both hands free to do my job. This has been a lifesaver.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Robert phillips
What A Find!

I recently fractured my ankle in two places and was given a cast, crutches, and told to come back in six weeks. I tried the crutches for a few days and ruined my wrists, armpits, and palms of my hands trying to get around. Cue the internet search for an alternative. I found it with Freedom Leg. What a game changer. I'm a standup comedian and didn't have a prayer of fulfilling my obligations for the next couple of months on crutches. With Freedom Leg I'm able to comfortably entertain audiences while actually standing upright with the confidence that I can start and finish the show. I'm the kind of person who hates having limitations put on me. I just can't imagine having to cancel the shows I had on the books. Freedom Leg allowed me to fulfill all my obligations and get on with life. I recommend it to anyone who, like me, doesn't want to be tied down and saddled with old technology. This thing works exactly as advertised.

Freedom Leg 3.0
rose vogt
Great idea, just not for me.

I am an 80 year old woman with an ankle fusion surgery scheduled for January 5th, 2024. I was very hopeful it would the answer for me getting around my house post surgery. I worked with Physical Therapist for 2 sessions before he told me he would be very worried about my safety while using the Freedom Leg because of my balance and strength issues. I was disappointed but did feel more secure when he helped me with crutches and walker with wheels. The company was very easy to work with.

Freedom Leg 3.0
Robin Michalek
Game Changer

If getting mobility back is your goal, this is the solution! I would not have been mobile for a minimum of 8 weeks without this Freedom Leg. I’m a senior with very little upper body strength left after a year of medical issues. Crutches were to difficult for me as was the knee scooter which required a wide pathway around my house. The freedom leg made getting myself to the bathroom much easier and I still had both hands and arms to use! If I could pick this up at age 66, trust me when I say anyone can!

Freedom Leg 3.0
Natasha Ulibarri
Game changer

Able to tour Boston, continue teaching and walk my dog. Such an amazing brace and no one can stop staribg at it! 😂

The Freedom Leg is Safe, and Medically Proven

Independent research has proven that the Freedom Leg is safe, and effective. It is preferred by many doctors, and most patients.
The Freedom Leg is the clear choice to help you regain your freedom.