Freedom Leg Guarantee

The Freedom Leg Guarantee

Order the Freedom Leg and we guarantee that you'll be able to walk stairs, carry your own coffee, and not have to use crutches ever again! Our support team will help you fit the freedom leg, or we'll refund 100% of your money back.

- Inventor of The Freedom Leg
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Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!
Olaudah Greenwood

I should have bought this first instead of the other brace

Freedom leg used for tib/fib break

I bought the freedom leg after breaking my ankle and having a 12 week non weight bearing recovery time. I am now 8 weeks in and it is amazing how useful it has been. After a little time getting it set up, I can walk around fairly normally. I have even done 3-4 mile hikes with it. Work out in the gym, even ski on one ski. Its LIGHT years better than crutches and the iwalk knee brace which I also have and dont use anymore

Cons: takes time to take on and off...its great when you are walking, but you cant really sit comfortably with it....have to at least loosen the straps or remove it. Stairs can be tricky, but still better than crutches by far. My only complaint about its construction is that the knee and shin pads wear out after a 2-3 weeks and cost $25 to replace.

Recommend 💯

Freedom leg actually cares. They explained to our family how to determine if we could benefit from the brace. It wasn’t about a sale. It was about families. They explained how due to certain physical limitations, our family wouldn’t benefit from their product at this time. Thank you for the love and care you showed for our family.

Juan Scott & Family

Nice brace

Works well, glad to be able to walk and still use my hands, takes some practice to coordinated with it, helped to start out using it with the crutches, and for going long distance it's quicker, makes me a little sore at first, have to use for short periods of time and work your way up.

True Freedom

It took me about two weeks to get my doctor to approve it, but he finally did. I had a tibial plateau fracture and I was in the hospital for a month and bound to a wheelchair when I got home, it took me a while to get used to the freedom leg, and the adjustment part is very crucial, but after I got the thigh cup adjusted properly and started to practice with it I became more comfortable and now I continue to use it with a walker but hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll be able to utilize it. I need it.

Wonderful company to deal with!!

Due to a healing fractured femur and hip, I wasn’t able to use the Freedom Leg for my foot wound. However, your company was wonderful to deal with and accepted the return with no problems. Thank you!!

What an amazing device!!

Three hours post-op, I was walking around with no issues. Here's some of my recommendations:
1. Get this in hand a week before surgery and practice walked around.
2. Buy at least one additional for inside, one for outside use.
3. TRUST the freedom leg, going up/down stairs is a breeze and a true time saver.

I have demo'd this for about 7 people when I go outside. Today, to two elder people who was about to be on crutches for six weeks....he said he will be getting one.

I am so thankful for this thing!!! I get to keep it in preps for another surgery coming up. It's a life changer. Thank you!!

Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!

Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!
Melanie Flanigan
Gives You Your Life Back

In dealing with a Tibial Plateau Fracture requiring no weight bearing on my right leg for over 10 weeks I was at the point of giving up with crutches. Thankfully, in an Internet search for an alternative I found the Freedom Leg 3.0. I can’t tell you what this device has done for me. Wearing the freedom leg , I can take care of things around the house, feed my animals, and even do yardwork. While I still have several weeks to go before, my leg is healed, the freedom leg has made this entire process much more tolerable. Thank you for this great invention.


I have suffered from partial paralysis in my left leg from an ATV rollover for 6 years, and have had to limp in order to still walk, as my doctor completely neglected any inquiries about walking aids 'due to my young age'. I recently reinjured the weak side, and had to start using a cane, as the paralysis is now worse than it previously was. Though using a cane was much less painful and further-damaging than limping for 6 years had been, it was impossible to do my job (food delivery) with the cane, especially when most restaurants do not have button-activated handicapped doors, and customers and employees alike simply watched me struggling to keep everything in my hands and open the door for myself while using a cane. I had been refraining from making the purchase of Freedom Leg due to its cost, but finally my mother was willing to help me and thankfully helped me afford the purchase. This has truly changed my life in just over a week of use. It'll take me a while to train my leg to naturally hold more of my weight, as my stronger side has been holding much of my weight for 6 years, but I have already noticed a major decline in the pain on my other side, which was consistently worsening from limping. Now, the freedom leg takes a lot of the stress off of my stronger leg, while also allowing my weaker leg to work as much as it's able to without severe pain and shaking. Now, I can hold my phone, keys, food orders, open the door, and get into the car myself without stress and risk of dropping something or falling! Freedom Leg is the PERFECT name because it truly has given my leg and my life more freedom than I previously had. Extremely grateful.

Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!
Michael Batchelor
Game changer

Makes moving around nonweight bearing very easy

Works as well as they say!

After having a massive Achilles reconstruction I was really bummed to be stuck moving around on a walker and crutches. I bought the freedom leg to give me some ability to move around. It has worked really well. I don’t stay on it all day but when I need it it is very helpful.

"Shin Splints"

I have "shin splints" in my right leg - both the anterio-medial aspect of my tibia and the postero-lateral aspect of my tibia, so they can collectively be referred to as "tibial stress syndrome." Because they are so severe, I am having to use bilateral crutches and not bear any weight on my right lower extremity.

When I found this product on the internet I understood how it would be perfect for someone with certain lower extremity conditions, but, to be honest, I wasn't quite sure how it would work for me because my injury involves the tibia bone. However, I was so desperate I wanted to give it a try.
Unfortunately, I was correct and it did not relieve my tibia pain. However, I am giving the device a 5-star rating because although it did not work for me due to my severe shin splints, I was able to easily return the device and received a full refund (minus $25 handling charge) --- and, I think it will work perfectly for most other lower extremities (e.g., ankle injuries / surgery). 
FYI: If you have severe shin splints as I do, you're likely going to have to do what I am doing: non-weight bear for up to 2 to 6 weeks using bilateral crutches. Sorry!  

Sharon Fair, PT (physical therapist)

Way better than crutches!

I had ankle surgery and my home has 20 stairs between the bedroom and kitchen. I was looking for an alternative to crutches and came across the Freedom Leg. After watching video reviews, I decided to take the plunge. I’m glad I got it. I wish it was less expensive, but I understand why it costs a lot. It works, it’s sturdy, and I can get things done. I’m very glad this product exists and I hope more insurances will begin covering it. I paid out of pocket for it and I’d do it again.

Long time user

I have had Charcot ankle due to neuropathy for about 3 years now. It requires me to be non weight bearing periodically any the Freedomleg allows me to have a somewhat active life by making getting around much easier than crutches.
I have tried the iwalk knee crutch and found that incredibly unstable and cumbersome compared to the Freedomleg. Actually there is nothing that compares to the Freedomleg!!

Happy that I made the choice to buy a freedom leg

I’m over 50 yrs old and live along, when I had an accident and ended up with an impactual fracture of my tibia. Doctor said I had to use crutches and no weight bearing on my leg.
I searched the internet and found the freedom leg. It was a little more than I wanted to spend on a substitute for my crutches, but I purchased it and hoped for the best. It took me a couple days to figure out how to use it properly, but now it allows me to clean my house, walk my dog and everything the crutches stopped me from. I’m very thankful I bought it, if only to give me relief to my arm pits and my good leg. If you’ve used crutches for awhile, then you know what I mean. The only complaint I could even think of is that it’s not something you can wear all day because of the weight it adds to your leg. It will fatigue your leg some, after using it too long. Hip alignment is extremely important and I’m getting better with it every day. If you’re contemplating buying one, then I’d definitely tell you that it’s worth it.

Gives more freedom

It’s named appropriately, because I live on the 2nd floor with no elevator. I was so depressed after the surgery because it was impossible coming up the stairs. I can go up and down now, with one crutch. I’m not able to walk with the leg without crutches or a walker but it’s been a blessing and has made some seemingly impossible tasks possible.
It works fine on either leg but I think it was initially designed for the right leg because it doesn’t have enough cushioning on the inside of the thigh for the left leg as it does for the right leg. Overall I’m still grateful to have found this!

Game Changer

Freedom leg is exactly that a great solution for being able to move freely and be independent for most activities. Personally living in an RV through my ankle surgery was extremely taxing and dangerous having to go up and down stairs multiple times a day.

Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!

Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!


I have had a freedom leg for about 3 years now due to Charcot in my ankle. It requires frequent non weight bearing which would normally mean sitting on a chair, wheel chair or crutches. Freedom leg allows me to stay fairly active and I have used mine to the point of wearing parts down that usually don't get worn down. Just an email or call to Forward Mobility gets a fast response and the I am able to order what I need and I receive them very fast. This company and product are second to none. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about buying one. I was in the hospital awhile ago and the physical therapy dept. took pictures of it and were amazed. I can't believe something that helps this much is not more widely known about or used in the medical field. I tell everyone about it and how great it is.


good info

Freedom Leg 3.0 - Buy Now!
Daniel Silverman
So happy I found freedom Leg!

I had bunion surgery 2 weeks ago and the Freedom Leg got me up and mobile the next day. And I have to mention that I emailed the company the day I ordered asking if they could expedite shipping. I got it the next day and they called to tell me that the shipping was less and refunded me $. Great product and great people. I can’t recommend it enough.

Getting used to it...

Being that I'm unable to use crutches I was searching for an alternative that didn't involve a wheelchair. Freedom Leg fits the bill! It does take some getting used to and it is a bit cumbersome . I find it's necessary to remove it before driving (my left leg is injured, would not recommend driving if your right leg is injured) and removing it when getting back into the car. This takes a little work if you're alone, but all in all, side from the price being a bit steep since insurance doesn't pay, it's been a big help.

I can walk without crutches

I absolutely love the FreedomLeg but could use extra some padding in one place and a way to attach padding in others I've used tape(my ankle hits the outside of brace). I am not in a cast. Have leg brace to prevent me from putting any weight on knee(broke Tibial plateau). Now that I can bend to 60° and had my physical therapist help fit me. I am so happy to be able to do anything even dump the trash🤪. Thanks again

The Freedom Leg is Safe, and Medically Proven

Independent research has proven that the Freedom Leg is safe, and effective. It is preferred by many doctors, and most patients.
The Freedom Leg is the clear choice to help you regain your freedom.