The Best Crutches for Mobility

Choosing the best crutches for any type of leg injury or surgery can be confusing. There are many options available, and you will want the most comfortable crutches, as well as those best suited to your specific situation.

What Type of Crutches are Best?

The best crutches for you are the ones that enable you to heal, go about normal life, and be comfortable, all at the same time. After any type of surgery, the healing process can be long and painful. Choosing crutches that make your life as normal as possible will help. 

The Freedom Leg Brace is a hands-free crutch that can be used while healing.  It is the best crutch for long term use. It stands above traditional crutches in that it doesn’t require any upper body strength to use. The Freedom Leg works by shifting your body weight from the foot to the back of the thigh. In this way, you are able to walk hands-free and comfortably while non-weight bearing.

Best Crutches for Knee Surgery

As far as traditional crutches go, aluminum crutches can be a good postoperative option. They are lightweight, making them easy to carry around, but still support up to 300 pounds.

However, as with any underarm crutches, they have drawbacks. Some of these include:

  • Extra pressure on the wrists, hands, and armpits
  • Potential soreness in the upper body
  • Can be awkward and unwieldy
  • Can’t be used to go up and down stairs
  • You can’t use your hands while using them

For these reasons, even the best crutches can’t compare to the Freedom Leg! It solves all of these problems, while being a comfortable mobility aid.

Best Crutches for Ankle Injury

The best crutches for ankle surgery or injuries will allow you to go about your normal life as much as possible, while protecting your injured foot. The Freedom Leg allows you to get around after ankle or foot surgery with ease. 

Many people use wheelchairs or knee scooters after a foot or ankle surgery. Unfortunately, wheelchairs are large and unnecessary for someone who has only one injured foot. 

As an alternative to knee scooters, try the Freedom Leg! It is smaller, hands free, and can be used to go up and down stairs!

Best Crutches for Below Knee Amputee

Finding the best crutches for amputees can be extra challenging. Not only do you have many types of crutches to choose from, but you also need one that can be used long-term. 

A hands-free crutch that can be worn all the time is ideal. There are a couple of these available. Look into the Freedom Leg vs. iWalk.

The Freedom Leg straps onto the thigh, and fits a range of sizes. Once you learn to walk in it, it can be worn every day. 

Best Crutches for Long Term Use

Anyone needing the best crutches for long term use should steer away from traditional crutches (folding crutches, auxiliary crutches, forearm crutches for adults, etc.). Even if you use underarm pads, long-term use can be exhausting and cumbersome. 

The Freedom Leg fits the bill once again! Choose from a range of sizes to get a fit that is comfortable and secure. It is the best alternative to crutches, especially for long-term use.

Best Leg Brace for Walking

Most people recovering from an injury or surgery, as well as amputees, still need to walk around on a daily basis. Learn how to walk with crutches while non-weight bearing. The best crutches for walking are those that are shock absorbent, comfortable, and hands-free (so that you can carry a drink, open doors, go up and down stairs, etc.). Check out how to carry things with crutches

Walking in the Freedom Leg is easy and comfortable. 

Best Crutches for Obese

Many crutches can support overweight people. Finding one that doesn’t require a lot of upper body strength, though, can be challenging.

The Freedom Leg comes in several sizes, so finding one for an obese person is easy!

Best Crutches for Non Weight Bearing

There are so many factors to consider when looking for the best crutches. If you are doing physical therapy and regaining more mobility in your foot or leg, you may not need to use crutches for long. But if you have an amputation for example, you will need them long term.

Other factors to consider when looking for the best crutches include:

  • How much upper body strength you have
  • Whether you need to walk up and down stairs
  • Whether you need to drive 
  • How active you want to be
  • How much space you have for your mobility aids
  • Whether you want to keep your hands free so you can open doors, carry items, etc.

Best Crutches for Non Weight Bearing on Stairs

The best crutches for stair mobility will allow you to traverse buildings without depending on the elevator. Whatever your injury may be, the Freedom Leg allows you to go up and down stairs with ease. 

Freedom Leg is an advantageous alternative to devices like knee scooters because they can transverse staircases whereas knee scooters or traditional crutches cannot. 

Taking all these considerations into account can help you make the best decision on which crutches are right for you!


Best Hands Free Crutch

best crutch

The Freedom Leg Brace truly is the best hands free knee crutch. It provides many benefits, including several that other mobility aids do not.

  • Eliminates the need for a knee walker, which cause pain and a lack of independence
  • Solves the problem of pain and inconvenience that traditional crutches cause
  • Allows you to continue normal life and activities
  • Is guaranteed to work, or your money back
  • Is reimbursed by most insurance companies
  • Is compatible with a boot or cast
  • Can be used to go up and down stairs
  • Easy to get up and use
  • Made with durable materials

With a slightly-bent knee position, it allows for symmetrical, balanced walking. The aluminum side rails carry your weight back to the ground. The foot is slightly elevated, taking pressure off of it completely.

If you are on the quest for the best crutches for either short-term or long-term use, how about checking out the Freedom Leg? We think you won’t be disappointed! Ready to get your independence back with the Freedom Leg?

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Dr. Stelmaschuk

"Family Physician, had to have both of his feet repaired and found Freedom Leg very helpful, allowing him freedom to continue particing medicine and even running his snow blower"

Brandon Wise

"Broke his ankle and had to have surgery. The surgeons put screws in his ankle and told him not to put weight on it for 90 days. He was prescibed crutches. Fortunately he discoved Freedom Leg while looking for alternatives on the internet and was able to walk again without difficulty"