Replacement Freedom Leg base

Replacement Freedom Leg base

Freedom Leg brace
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How to use Your Leg

View our Fitting and Adjustment Video to better understand how the Freedom Leg can improve your mobility and decide if it is right for you


The Freedom Leg is Typically covered by insurance. The best way to find out for sure is to call your insurance company (800 number on your insurance card) and asked them the coverage for medical device code L2136. Once you have determined you coverage there are two ways patients usually acquire the Freedom Leg brace. The most common way patients obtain the brace is to purchase the brace directly from us through this website or by calling +1 888-816-8127. Once the brace has shipped we will email you a copy of the invoice that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement. This is the quickest way to receive a brace. Have a medical device supplier near you order the brace for you. They can handle the insurance billing directly. They would just need the size of the brace and your insurance information. They can give us a call at +1 888-816-8127 to place the order.

Any surgical procedure, injury, wound or below knee amputation that requires off-loading for a period of time.

● Foot, Ankle, and Knee surgery
● Fractures of the foot and ankle
● Femoral condylar fracture
● Fusion of foot or ankle
● Proximial tibial fractures
● Femur Fracture
● Midshaft tibial fractures
● Micro fracture of the knee
● Micro-fracture surgery
● Osteotomies
● Patellor fractures
● Post-op neuromas
● Achilles ruptures
● Plantar wounds
● Bunionectomy
● And More!!

If after reviewing the video on the web site, you continue having difficulty fitting or learning to use the Freedom Leg, give us a call, maybe we can help. If it turns out that you need to return the Freedom Leg, you have 14 days from the date you receive it to ship it in good condition, for a refund of your purchase price.

Return the Freedom Leg in the box you received it in, (if you have it) to 6776 Townsend Rd, Lot 199, Jacksonville, FL 32244, using whatever method is least expensive and convenient for you.

You can ship it in the original box if you still have it. Just make sure the name that it was ordered under is on or in the box so we know where to refund the purchase price minus original shipping cost and a $25 processing fee.

The Freedom Leg has no weight limit but is limited by the circumference of the upper thigh.

You can find instruction documents here

80% of people are a regular size brace with a standard strap length.

If you're in between sizes we usually recommend you to go with the larger size.

Give us a call at +1 888-816-8127. We will be happy to help.

Customer Reviews

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Very well thought out

Needed a substitute leg while waiting to heal up. This works well!! There is a little learning curve. But it isn't hard to figure out. Nice to have a "spare" for the times I await for a new Prosthetic Socket. Had a bone spur taken off my right below the knee Amputation stump. This allowed me mobility without pain, and helped strengthen my muscles. I highly recommend!! 👍✌️😎



Joseph Petrarca
Freedom leg used for tib/fib break

I bought the freedom leg after breaking my ankle and having a 12 week non weight bearing recovery time. I am now 8 weeks in and it is amazing how useful it has been. After a little time getting it set up, I can walk around fairly normally. I have even done 3-4 mile hikes with it. Work out in the gym, even ski on one ski. Its LIGHT years better than crutches and the iwalk knee brace which I also have and dont use anymore

Cons: takes time to take on and off...its great when you are walking, but you cant really sit comfortably with it....have to at least loosen the straps or remove it. Stairs can be tricky, but still better than crutches by far. My only complaint about its construction is that the knee and shin pads wear out after a 2-3 weeks and cost $25 to replace.

Stephen Goodman
Long time user

I have had Charcot ankle due to neuropathy for about 3 years now. It requires me to be non weight bearing periodically any the Freedomleg allows me to have a somewhat active life by making getting around much easier than crutches.
I have tried the iwalk knee crutch and found that incredibly unstable and cumbersome compared to the Freedomleg. Actually there is nothing that compares to the Freedomleg!!

Stephen Goodman

I have had a freedom leg for about 3 years now due to Charcot in my ankle. It requires frequent non weight bearing which would normally mean sitting on a chair, wheel chair or crutches. Freedom leg allows me to stay fairly active and I have used mine to the point of wearing parts down that usually don't get worn down. Just an email or call to Forward Mobility gets a fast response and the I am able to order what I need and I receive them very fast. This company and product are second to none. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about buying one. I was in the hospital awhile ago and the physical therapy dept. took pictures of it and were amazed. I can't believe something that helps this much is not more widely known about or used in the medical field. I tell everyone about it and how great it is.