The Best Alternative to Knee Scooters

After having a broken ankle or foot injury, most people will need to be non-weight bearing while the foot heals. For those who want to continue everyday tasks without interruption, this means finding an alternative to knee scooters and crutches.

Knee Injury Crutches

Regardless of the type of knee injury, if you have to stay off that leg until it heals, you will probably be told to use a knee crutch or knee walker.

The problem with traditional crutches is that they eliminate the ability to complete even simple tasks that require the use of your hands. If you want to be able to continue living life as normally as possible while healing from a leg injury, finding an alternative is key.

Knee scooters are a possibility when healing from an injured leg, but also have some drawbacks.

The Freedom Leg is the alternative that makes normal life possible while recovering! We’ll go over the reasons why more in-depth later. The Freedom Leg is the best crutch for non-weight bearing injuries as well. First, let’s talk about knee scooters and why they are not the best mobility device.

Non-Weight Bearing Scooter

alternative to knee scooters

Knee scooters enable you to keep all weight off of one leg after foot injuries or leg injuries. 

They are among a range of crutch alternatives that don’t put extra strain on your hands, wrists, and upper body like traditional crutches do. Therefore, knee scooters are a crutch alternative that can be used for a variety of injuries:

Knee Scooter for Ankle Fractures

Often used for ankle fractures, knee scooters take the weight off of the injured foot while it is healing.

Knee Scooter for Broken Ankle

Knee scooters can also be used for broken or sprained ankles. They make it easy to walk while non-weight bearing.

One-Leg Scooter for Broken Leg

Many people with a broken leg choose to use a knee scooter while healing, as an alternative to crutches.

Knee Scooter Pros and Cons

A knee scooter can be a great alternative to crutches. Because you don’t have to worry about soreness and bruising under the arms, sore hands and wrists, or fatiguing your upper body while using them, they are more comfortable.

However, these “scooter crutches” also have some drawbacks that will likely leave you looking for an alternative to knee scooters.

Pros of Knee Scooters: 

  • Allow you to get around much more quickly than you could on crutches
  • Easier to move around compared to crutches or canes
  • Enable you to be hands-free when not in motion

Cons of Knee Scooters:

Knee Scooter vs Freedom Leg

So, what is the award-winning alternative to crutches, knee scooters, and walkers that has all of the pros with none of the cons?

The Freedom Leg Brace! When compared to a knee scooter, it is so much better:

  • Can be used for going up and down stairs 
  • Is covered by most insurance companies
  • Is completely hands-free, whether you are in motion or not
  • Doesn’t put any pressure on the knees, making it ideal for knee injuries or surgeries. (best hands free knee crutch)
  • Doesn’t use extra space or have to be stowed while you are seated

It is also compatible with a walking boot and can be worn while playing sports, working out, or doing your everyday work!

The Perfect Alternative

The Freedom Leg Brace enables you to live normal life while healing from an injury or surgery. It is the best alternative to knee scooters, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs. Freedom Leg also makes it easy to shower while non weight bearing

This new, 3rd generation brace is more comfortable than ever, is made with durable materials, is easy to use, is covered by most insurance companies, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

It effectively takes the pressure off of the foot by transferring the weight to the back of the thigh. With multiple sizes available, most everyone can find a good fit! Are you ready to exchange your knee scooter for the Freedom Leg?

Regain Your Freedom!

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Dr. Stelmaschuk

"Family Physician, had to have both of his feet repaired and found Freedom Leg very helpful, allowing him freedom to continue particing medicine and even running his snow blower"

Brandon Wise

"Broke his ankle and had to have surgery. The surgeons put screws in his ankle and told him not to put weight on it for 90 days. He was prescibed crutches. Fortunately he discoved Freedom Leg while looking for alternatives on the internet and was able to walk again without difficulty"