Best Hands Free Knee Crutch

After a lower-body injury, managing simple day-to-day tasks can be tough if not downright impossible. With your hands tied up in crutches, any attempt at carrying a bag, pushing a shopping cart, or pouring a cup of coffee becomes a daunting and risky challenge. You’re frustrated, scared and in pain we get it. Introducing the Freedom Leg the best hands-free knee crutch on the market today that gives you the freedom and independence you deserve to allow you to complete your daily activities while healing.

Hands-Free Crutches

You may be wondering what exactly hands-free entails. Our patented design allows the affected limb to be fully offloaded using a multi-strap suspension system and aluminum side rails. Unlike other devices on the market today, there is no weight bearing that occurs through the affected knee making it the best option for both lower leg and ankle injuries as well as knee and distal thigh injuries.

Whereas conventional axillary crutches and walkers prevent upper extremity use, the Freedom Leg keeps your lower extremity safe while allowing full functional use of your arms so you can hug your child, pick up your bowl of soup, or hold onto the handrail with ease.  

What Type of Crutches are Best

When designing the Freedom Leg, developers were focused on two things- freedom and function. Maintaining functional independence is imperative to preserving a high quality of life following an injury. As such, your crutch choice should support you, not hinder you, during your healing journey. Check out how to carry things with crutches

For all injuries from the thigh down, the Freedom Leg offers full non-weight bearing optionality to expedite healing and safety while simultaneously promoting continued mobility to get you where you need to go.

Best Crutches for Knee Surgery

In preparation for your post-operative knee recovery, choosing the right assistive device to facilitate your rehabilitation can be confusing. That said, looking for two key qualities safety and reliability are paramount. It is vital that your device allows for true offloading of the knee joint to prevent healing delays, maintain structural integrity and abide by postoperative weight bearing restrictions.

With this in mind, be aware that not all hands-free knee crutches are equal.  When considering the Freedom Leg vs iwalk for example, the Freedom Leg is the clear choice for knee joint injuries as it is the only design that provides true offloading of the knee joint in addition to top-level protection and support. If you’re looking for a device that is versatile, convenient, and safe after knee surgery, the award winning Freedom Leg is the way to go.

Exceeding the Alternatives

With all the technological advancements made in the medical field, it is time for the assistive device market to be disrupted. Life moves on when you get injured, and you deserve support that keeps you moving too. Looking for an alternative to a knee scooter? Looking for an alternative to crutches? Look no further! 

While standard crutches, walkers, and knee scooters continue to be the most prescribed devices post-injury, they all limit function and mobility in their own ways. Consider for example navigating stairs with traditional crutches. Without being able to use your upper body, you are left relying on the already overworked uninjured leg to hop up and down each step all while maintaining control of the crutches. It’s darn near impossible!

freedom leg hands free knee crutch

Imagine instead the Freedom Leg that seamlessly allows you to use your own balance and strength to advance the injured leg while leaving both arms available on the handrails. Safety, convenience, and reliability when you need it most that’s what the Freedom Leg can do for you!  

Best Leg Brace for Walking

Besides its top-tier safety and reliability, a final and perhaps most important benefit of the Freedom Leg is its ability to maintain a functional gait pattern.  Whereas knee scooters and standard crutches completely eliminate the reciprocal pattern of gait, the Freedom Leg allows for continued core, hip flexor, and quadriceps activation prepping the limb for an expedited return to normal walking when cleared by your physician.  

As unfortunate as they are, compensatory injuries happen and they happen frequently with assistive device use. From axillary nerve injuries with crutches, patellar bursitis from knee scooters, and carpal tunnel syndrome from walker use, these injuries not only delay overall healing but can further limit day-to-day activity performance. 

Luckily, the Freedom Leg’s patented design negates these compensatory issues, provides safety and support, and keeps the neuromuscular system primed to resume normal movement patterns as soon as medically appropriate.

Indications for Use

Besides supporting those recovering from knee surgery, the Freedom Leg is indicated for most lower extremity surgeries and injuries. Whether you’re looking for the best crutches for amputees, the best crutches for mobility, or simply the most comfortable crutch alternative on the market, the Freedom Leg may be right for you.  Recovering from any of the following? We’re here to help.

  • Foot and ankle fractures
  • Lower extremity amputation
  • Ankle fusion
  • Femoral condylar fracture
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Patellar fracture
  • Total knee replacement
  • Femur fracture
  • Microfracture surgeries
  • Achilles repair
  • Bunionectomy

…and more!

Ready to Get Moving?

Has an injury or surgery held you back? Are you having trouble completing day-to-day tasks because of cumbersome assistive device use? Are you ready to get moving? With an award-winning crutch design, freedom and function at its core, and versatility and reliability where you need it most, the Freedom Leg is the obvious choice for the best hands-free knee crutch on the market today.  

Get your Freedom Leg and get back to living! Looking to regain your functional freedom?

Regain Your Freedom!

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Dr. Stelmaschuk

"Family Physician, had to have both of his feet repaired and found Freedom Leg very helpful, allowing him freedom to continue particing medicine and even running his snow blower"

Brandon Wise

"Broke his ankle and had to have surgery. The surgeons put screws in his ankle and told him not to put weight on it for 90 days. He was prescibed crutches. Fortunately he discoved Freedom Leg while looking for alternatives on the internet and was able to walk again without difficulty"