Best Leg Brace for Walking

Surgery is never easy regardless of the situation but it doesn’t have to hold you back for months to come. Medical technology has advanced significantly with improved procedures and upgraded medical devices including leg braces to help you walk. The Freedom Leg Brace is the best leg brace on the market today that makes post-surgical recovery a breeze allowing you to heal and recover all while leaving your arms free to complete day-to-day occupational, self-care and household tasks.  

What Are Leg Braces Used For

Leg braces come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are generally used for joint and muscle support or to offload a portion of the leg following an injury or surgery. They help stabilize your limb and protect damaged or healing tissues during recovery. Leg braces often utilize velcro support and have varying degrees of hinge mechanisms to either promote or restrict knee mobility.  

When searching for the best brace that safely promotes non weight bearing and provides firm support to an injured leg, look no further than the Freedom Leg Brace. The patented technology uses a multi-strap suspension system that transfers force from the integrated foot plate, past the affected joint and up to the back of the thigh. By attaching directly to the injured leg, it leaves your arms free to reach, carry, lift and complete the things we often take for granted when relying on walkers or crutches.

Who Can Use the Freedom Leg Brace

One of the most attractive features of the Freedom Leg Brace is its versatility.  Unlike most other leg braces, it can be used for any foot, ankle, or knee injury as well as lower leg amputation. With an adjustable strap system, it can fit most body sizes and shapes supporting heights ranging from 4’9” to 6’4”. From tibial plateau fractures to bunionectomy procedures, the crafted design provides robust support and practical use. If you are caring for children, have a job that requires hands-free tasks while standing or simply want to get around without being bogged down by crutches, the Freedom Leg is the best leg brace to help you walk.

How to Use the Freedom Leg Brace

Applying the Freedom Leg Brace is as simple as sit, strap and go! The brace is applied in a sitting position pulled to the level of the upper thigh and adjusted to match the correct fit. Straps are fastened starting at the bottom and working up.  Depending on height and footwear, the footplate is adapted to keep the bottom of the foot cleared from the floor. It can even be used with a walking boot or cast! Upon standing, the user should maintain a slight bend in the injured knee which keeps the hips and pelvis level and minimizes compensation during ambulation. For individuals practicing initial use, stand slowly and take short steps until confidence is gained and you feel safe and secure.

What Does the Freedom Leg Brace Do That Other Braces Don’t

Besides the versatility and easy application, the Freedom Leg brace offers users improved biomechanical alignment and positioning. Known as the best leg brace for walking In doing so, individuals are able to practice a more normal gait pattern including reciprocal arm swing and a step-through gait strategy. Even without putting weight on the affected limb, the individual is prepping themselves for a return to weightbearing and eventual walking once cleared by their physician.  

Of course, the other most obvious benefit is the hands-free advantage.  Promoting freedom and personal independence, this feature contributes to how to walk up and down stairs while you are non weight bearing, and ability to use leg braces that help you walk and an overall improvement in quality of life.

Freedom Leg brace on stairs

All things considered, the Freedom Leg offers individuals the best leg brace to help you walk after an injury or surgery. Your dignity and independence don’t have to be stripped away because you hurt yourself. Give the Freedom Leg a try and get ready to get back to doing the things you need and love to do.

Ready to give the Freedom Leg a go?  For more information, check out and get your freedom back today.

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Dr. Stelmaschuk

"Family Physician, had to have both of his feet repaired and found Freedom Leg very helpful, allowing him freedom to continue particing medicine and even running his snow blower"

Brandon Wise

"Broke his ankle and had to have surgery. The surgeons put screws in his ankle and told him not to put weight on it for 90 days. He was prescibed crutches. Fortunately he discoved Freedom Leg while looking for alternatives on the internet and was able to walk again without difficulty"