Best Crutches for Knee Surgery

Each year, an estimated 7+ million individuals use crutches for mobility issues¹.  Whether it be following an ACL reconstruction, meniscal repair, or joint replacement, finding the best crutches for knee surgery is imperative to a successful recovery.  

Recovering from Knee Surgery

Recovering from any knee surgery can be taxing without the proper equipment.  Setting yourself up for a successful rehabilitation process can make the difference between immobility and functional freedom.  The Freedom Leg was designed with you in mind providing a hands-free alternative to standard crutches.  The device is an external brace that allows you to ambulate and keep active without weight bearing on an injured knee, foot, or ankle.  The Freedom Leg is the best crutch for non-weight bearing injuries as well. 

Expectations Following Knee Surgery 

Being prepared both mentally and physically is essential for optimal outcomes following knee surgery.  Although every surgery is unique, acknowledge that recovery takes time and patience.  Prepare some meals in advance, declutter your home to reduce fall risk, and go into surgery as healthy as possible to promote efficient healing post-operatively.

Acknowledge that swelling is typical and expected and can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the intervention performed.  Ice your knee 10-20 minutes multiple times per day and elevate the leg whenever possible.  Simple movements such as ankle pumps or thigh squeezes can help mobilize fluid that tends to accumulate in the surgical leg.  

post knee surgery recovery

Also, note that muscle atrophy can occur in less than two weeks with disuse.  Work with your physician or physical therapist to discuss appropriate exercises to prevent muscle loss and weakness and use your Freedom Leg Brace to promote continued activation of the hip and thigh muscles during ambulation.

The Best Crutches for Knee Injury

Standard aluminum crutches have been the go-to prescribed mobility aid following knee injuries however numerous secondary injuries have been reported with improper use.  With underarm crutches, nerve compression injuries, upper body overuse issues, and wrist pain are among the frequent injuries reported.  Give your wrists and underarms a break and regain use of your upper body with the Freedom Leg.  With a simple yet efficient design, the Freedom Leg seamlessly transfers weight from the thigh, past the knee, foot, or ankle down to the ground.  Carbon fiber beams provide lightweight stability that allow you to continue ambulating and maintain strength in your hips, core, and thighs.  

How to Get Around After Knee Surgery 

For years, we have neglected to acknowledge the functional impairment that standard crutches have caused individuals recovering from surgery.  Safety is the priority during surgical recovery and with the Freedom Leg, you can perform stair negotiation with increased confidence and ease all while holding onto the railing.  Besides the obvious limitations that leg injuries have on walking and mobility, using crutches also eliminates a patient’s functional use of their hands and arms.  With the Freedom Leg, you can regain use of your upper extremities and get back to cooking, cleaning, working, and caring for children much more manageable.  

Must Haves After Knee Surgery

Similar to recovery following an ankle or foot surgery, there are a few essential components to optimizing rehabilitation following knee surgery.  Let’s explore some necessities to maximizing your recovery:

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy intervention is a vital component of any rehabilitative process.  Consistent performance of your physical therapy will allow you to regain the mobility, strength, balance, and functional use of your limb following knee surgery.


Surgery in itself is a trauma therefore rest is a key component to a successful recovery.  Fuel your body with nutritious foods, stay hydrated, and get plenty of sleep to ensure your body can recover safely and optimally.


Pain medication is often prescribed by your physician to help manage your pain following surgical intervention.  Take the medication appropriately and discuss optimal timing with your physician to get the most out of your rehab process.

Freedom Leg Brace

Finally, the Freedom Leg Brace is a key component to recovery from any knee surgery.  Whether short-term or long-term, the Freedom Leg Brace gives you the functional independence you need and deserve following knee surgery.  By removing weight bearing from the affected body part and promoting continued mobility, the Freedom Leg Brace reduces the risk of muscle atrophy, promotes overall confidence and independence, and gives you the functional freedom to return to daily activities.

Functional Freedom 

Regaining independence following knee surgery is the primary goal.  Whether you’re looking to care for young children, take your dog for a walk, or cook yourself a homemade meal, the Freedom Leg Brace will give you the functional freedom to get the job done.  Forget relying on loved ones to carry your coffee or pass you your crutches.  It’s time to take back control of your life.  Check out Emma’s story and see how the Freedom Brace allowed her to return safely and confidently to her role in the classroom.  

Adaptable and Adjustable

The Freedom Leg was thoughtfully designed to fit a wide range of users.  With various size offerings, the device can be used on individuals with heights ranging from 4’4” to 6’4” as well as all shapes and sizes.  Application is simple and requires only a few easy steps to complete:

  • Have the patient sit comfortably at the front edge of a chair.
  • Invert and pull the Freedom Leg Brace up to the level of the thigh.
  • Match the knee hinge with the individual’s knee joint.
  • Adjust the base so the bottom of the foot or walking boot is 3 inches from the floor.
  • Tighten straps across thigh and calf.
  • Ensure hip alignment.
  • Get up and go!

Bottom line, knee surgery can be tough, but having the right equipment to facilitate recovery can make a huge difference.  If functional freedom is what you desire after knee surgery, get the Freedom Leg Brace and regain your independence.  Are you ready to take the plunge? Order the Freedom Leg Brace today.


¹ CDC – National Center for Health Statistics: Advance Data From Vital and Health Statistics July 17, 2023.

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