Is the Freedom Leg covered by Insurance?

The Freedom Leg is Typically covered by insurance. The best way to find out for sure is to call your insurance company (800 number on your insurance card) and asked them the coverage for medical device code L2136. Once you have determined you coverage there are two ways patients usually acquire the Freedom Leg brace.

  1. The most common way patients obtain the brace is to purchase the brace directly from us through this website or by calling 888-816-8127. Once the brace has shipped we will email you a copy of the invoice that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement. This is the quickest way to receive a brace.

  2. Have a medical device supplier near you order the brace for you. They can handle the insurance billing directly. They would just need the size of the brace and your insurance information. They can give us a call at 888-816-8127 to place the order.

What is your Return Policy if it doesn’t work for me?

We have an unconditional money back guarantee for the purchase price of the brace. Give us a call if you are having any issues with the brace. We can usually resolve them over the phone allowing you to effectively use the brace. If it turns out to not be helpful you are always welcome to return it.

How do I return the Freedom Leg?

You are welcome to return the brace using whatever shipping method is easiest for you. You can ship the brace to 16625 Redmond Way Ste M, PMB 143, Redmond WA 98052.

You can ship it in the original box if you still have it. Just make sure the name that it was ordered under is on or in the box so we know where to refund the purchase price minus original shipping cost.

Can I get replacement Parts?

If any components need replacement just give a call and we will ship out the parts typically the same day.

Where can I find Freedom Leg Documents

You can find instruction documents here

Any other questions?

Give us a call at 888-816-8127. We would be happy to help.