What to Expect After Ankle and Foot Surgery

Knowing what to expect after ankle and foot surgery can make the recovery easier. Foot or ankle surgery requires a long recovery time (six months to a year), it’s good to know what to expect in the weeks after surgery.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get around after foot surgery and what to expect along the way. We’ll share how the Freedom Leg Brace can make recovery easier!

What to Expect After Foot Surgery

Hopefully, your doctor has given you pre operative instructions for recovery. Be sure to keep these instructions in mind regardless of what type of surgery you’ve had.

Things You Need After Foot Surgery

There are a few basic must-haves that will make the days after surgery easier.

Pain medication

Your orthopedic surgeon or doctor will prescribe some post operative pain meds to keep you comfortable during recovery. Keep them on hand and follow all instructions when using them.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy will help you get back your range of motion in your foot and ankle. You will need to set up regular appointments to be sure that you are getting the PT that you need. 


The body can’t heal without rest. After having any type of surgical treatments, it needs rest more than normally! Take breaks whenever you need to, and optimize your nighttime sleep.


Whether you are experiencing a lot of pain and swelling or not, you will need help getting around and accomplishing everyday tasks. Freedom Leg makes it easier to shower while non weight bearing without any help. 

Find a caregiver that you can count on. Communicate your needs and expectations and don’t be afraid to accept help! Learn how to carry things with crutches

The Freedom Leg Brace

The Freedom Leg Brace is the best way to get around after foot or ankle surgery. If you need to use your hands but are wondering how to carry things with crutches, this is the solution! It is the best crutch for mobility

It is completely hands-free, making it possible to walk, carry things, and even go up and down stairs.

The Freedom Leg enables you to stay active while healing from an ankle fracture, total ankle replacement, or any type of ankle/foot surgery!

Recovering From Ankle Surgery

recovering after ankle surgery

Any type of injury that will require surgery calls for recovery planning. The specific recovery protocol depends on the type of injury and surgery. 

But, many of the things you will do for recovery are the same regardless of the type.

Ankle Surgery Recovery Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Monitor bleeding and drainage: Be aware of this so that you can avoid blood clots or too much blood loss. 
  • Expect some numbness: Experiencing some numbness is normal, especially if you have been given a nerve block.
  • Be aware of medication side effects: These can include constipation, nausea, and vomiting. 

Being prepared will help you avoid worrying!

How Long Until You Can Walk After Ankle Surgery

Usually, you should be able to walk after six weeks. This will, of course, depend on how well your body is able to heal. As you start to walk again, you can use the Freedom Leg Brace with a walking boot. Learn how to use crutches while you are non-weight bearing

How Painful is Ankle Surgery

There is no definitive answer to how painful your surgery will be. However, based on common experiences, the healing process is likely going to be more painful than the pain that made it necessary in the first place - but only for six weeks or so. After that, expect it to gradually improve until there is, ideally, no pain at all.

How Long for Swelling to Go Down After Ankle Surgery

Swelling after ankle surgery is common and to be expected. The swelling will be the worst for the first day or two, and slowly subside after that. Here are some ways to manage swelling:

  • Cold packs
  • Elevation
  • Rest
  • Compression

Know that some swelling is normal, and that it will get better within a couple of days.

Ankle Surgery Cast

You may have to wear a cast to keep your foot and ankle in place while healing. The Freedom Leg Brace can be worn with a cast, so you will still be able to start walking, hands-free.

How to Get Around After Ankle Surgery

Learning to walk again after ankle surgery can be a challenge. Using the Freedom Leg Brace will make it easier. We have a variety of sizes and offer a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk! Learn how to Freedom Leg is the best crutch for knee surgery as well. 

If you need to know what to expect after an ankle surgery, why not get yourself the Freedom Leg and look forward to an easier and safer recovery?

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