How To Go Up and Down Stairs While You Are Non Weight Bearing

Living life while on crutches is hard. Every normal activity, from getting off of the couch to cooking to simply moving from one point to another, requires extra care and effort. Add to all this the problem of how to go up and down stairs while non-weight bearing, and you have a real dilemma.

Which is exactly why the Freedom Leg was created! This revolutionary leg brace enables you to do all of your everyday activities, without using bulky, challenging crutches even if you have a cast or walking boot on.

The Challenges of Crutches

Anyone with a lower leg amputation or injury that keeps them from using one leg, understands how difficult crutches are. It is impossible to just get up and go about your life - you have to carry yourself with a crutch under each arm. 

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of using crutches is the inability to participate in certain activities with family and friends. Life isn’t the same. You might feel left out or in the way. 

And if you live in a house with stairs, or work at an office with stairs, you have to learn how to go up and down stairs on a non-weight bearing leg. 

The Freedom Leg: How to Go Up Stairs With Crutches

The Freedom Leg solves the problem of uncomfortable crutches. It solves the problem of being unable to participate in activities with those you love. And it’s the best way to ascend and descend stairs with a foot injury or amputation, or after surgery.

Using Crutches on Stairs While Non-Weight Bearing

Traditional crutches don’t allow for stair mobility. The Freedom Leg, on the other hand, makes it easy! Here’s how how to go down stairs with the Freedom Leg:

  • Check your balance and avoid the edge of the step.
  • Use your weight-bearing leg to step down first. 
  • Since you don’t have a crutch under each arm, it’s easy to hold onto the rail.
  • Walk down the stairs!

crutches on stairs going up and down

The Freedom Leg makes descending stairs with a leg injury or amputation so easy, you might even forget that you're only using one good leg!

Why the Freedom Leg is So Much Better than Traditional Crutches

The Freedom Leg helps you to walk naturally by mimicking the movement of an actual leg. This helps avoid some common problems from regular use of crutches.

  • Damage to the nerves: While rare, prolonged use of ill-fitting crutches can lead to painful nerve damage under the arms.
  • Injuries to the body: The constant physical stress of using crutches can lead to injuries. This might be trips and falls or pressure on the armpits and hands.
  • Irritation of the skin: Whether under the arms or on the hands, the pressure in both these areas can irritate the skin.
  • Bruises and soreness: When walking on crutches, there is regular contact between the device and the armpits and hands. This can result in soreness or bruising.
  • The constant dilemma of how to go up and down stairs while non-weight bearing!

If the crutches are being used correctly, these problems can be minimized. But if you switch to the Freedom Leg, they can be eliminated altogether! The Freedom Leg is the best crutch for mobility

The Freedom Leg is attached to the actual leg, and the arms and hands are not in contact with it at all. Injuries to those regions are very unlikely, so are injuries to the shoulders and upper back. Get your independence back with Freedom Leg, it allows you to be able to go back to work even with a broken leg or ankle. 

How to Get a Freedom Leg

If you want your life to change with a new, hands-free crutch, go to our website and order the best size for you. While there, be sure to check out our testimonials to learn how other post surgery patients are now able to go up and down stairs with a non-weight bearing leg. See how the freedom leg is the best crutch for knee surgery as well as ankle and foot injuries. 

We offer a money-back guarantee, as well as an interest-free payment plan to make it possible for everyone to start walking up and down stairs again! Are you ready for your life to change?

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Dr. Stelmaschuk

"Family Physician, had to have both of his feed repaired and found Freedom Leg very helpful, allowing him freedom to continue particing medicine and even running his snow blower"

Brandon Wise

"Broke his ankle and had to have surgery. The surgeons put screws in his ankle and told him not to put weight on it for 90 days. He was prescibed crutches. Fortunately he discoved Freedom Leg while looking for alternatives on the internet and was able to walk again without difficulty"